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Sunbed Hire Bury

Our Area

We Deliver Sunbeds to all areas of Bury, also including Heywood, Radcliffe, Walkden, Middleton, Ramsbottom, Rochdale and Oldham

Sunbeds for home hire in the Bury area are delivered with no extra charges to pay, please call and check our low cost rental prices, we have sunbeds available to meet your available space and particular requirements.

Your sunbed home hire specialists

Established in Bury for over 20 years, we carry a wide range of sunbeds for home hire. You can arrange to tan in the comfort and saftey of your own home. Hiring a sunbed at home is an economical option and can be tailored to meet your own particular needs depending on the space available and your speed of tanning.

Choose from three types of sunbed available.

You may choose the traditional option to lay under a single or twin  canopy, or choose the latest stand up vertical sunbeds that give you a 360 degree all over tan. All our sunbeds come with full instructions and goggles are provided to you FREE of charge.


Enjoy a Golden Brown Tan All Year Round

Look Good and Feel Great

Building up your perfect tan

When you are outdoors tanning, factors to consider when trying to build up your tan are wind and air temperature, these can often effect the tanning process which mean you could tan much faster than you had hoped, this can lead to sunburn or even sun stroke, conversely it could take longer than expected to develop your tan.

Controlled regular tanning sessions using a sunbed can help eliminate both of these risks, thereby leaving you with your perfect  tan.

We are able to deliver various styles of sunbed which include the latest vertical sunbeds.

For home sunbed hire in Bury please call us on 01706 6540396. We offer a wide range of sunbeds for you to hire. Choose from vertical stand up sun shower sunbeds which are fitted with up to 250W tubes which deliver fantastic tanning results, or choose from our range of doubles and canopy sunbeds.

Tube sales are available. We stock most types of tubes for all sunbed types.

Vertical Sunbed Hire

Stand up vertical sunbeds are great when you want an all round tanning experience fitted with 24 X 250W tubes for superior tanning results these are probably the best home sunbeds available on the market for 360 degree tanning, they also take up a small amount of space, approx 1 sq metre is all that is required to turn most rooms into your own personnel tanning studio.

vertical sunbed 1 mobile
vertical sunbed 1
vertical sunbed 2
vertical sunbed 3
vertical sunbed 4

Double Canopy Sunbed Hire

If you prefer not to stand up whilst tanning then using a double sunbed is ideal for you, curved for additional comfort, these sunbeds are a great alternative and deliver great tanning results.

double canopy 1 mobile
double canopy 1
double canopy 2
double canopy 3

Single Canopy Sunbed Hire


Single canopy sunbeds are designed for domestic use and are easy to manoeuver and store in most homes. These sunbeds can be used over most peoples bed, a normal chair or even a sunlounger, this is due to the swivel action stand, and the hydraulic gas damper makes adjusting the sunbeds height easy to do.

single canopy 1 mobile
single canopy 1
single canopy 2
single canopy 3

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For home sunbed hire in Bury please call us on 01706 540396 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Home sunbed hire in Bury please call 01706 540396