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Fits over most single or double beds

Single Canopy Sunbeds

Lightweight and easy to lift

Single Canopy Sunbeds

Single canopy sunbeds are ideal for home tanning, these sunbeds are the most economical and also simple to use, single canopy sunbeds are able to  be used in a multitude of ways due to their easy height adjustable and simple tilt and turn swivel stand. This means you can arrange this type sunbed over your own bed, a chair or even a sun lounger; also some people prefer to stand it upright and tan in that position using it like a vertical sun shower.

single canopy 1
single canopy 2
single canopy 3

  • 10 minute safety timers
  • Vented units and fan cooled
  • Easy to move around
  • 1 x 13amp plug required
  • Economical home tanning
  • Goggles provided with all sunbeds

For home sunbed hire in Bury please call us on 01706 540396 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Home sunbed hire in Bury please call 01706 540396